Pastime Brewery

Pastime Brewery

The original Pastime Bar and Grill was built in 1925. It underwent a major renovation in 2012 and Tim and Dianna took it over in 2015, adding the 2-barrel brewery. There is a lot of history in the building including the saloon bar from 1908, which is a lively conversation piece. The Naillons work hard to maintain an easy-going environment for both their customers and employees to enjoy a pleasant experience while maintaining their high standards of quality beer and dining. They are also working to reduce their environmental footprint by using more recyclable materials in their bottling, as well as reusable containers and growlers.

Leaving their high-pressure jobs to get into the bar and grill business was a stretch for Tim and Dianna, but when they made the decision to do it, they committed whole-heartedly. It was important to them to develop a sustainable business model in their own small community of Oroville that would not only help them make a living but support the local economy. One of Tim’s favorite quotes, Effort equals Results, has been borne out in the time they have put into making the Pastime a success. In their spare time they enjoy visiting other breweries to share ideas and successes to help build their business as well as a network of fellow brewers and restaurant owners.
Tim and Dianna are proud to support local youth sports and activities as well as fundraising for local needs.

Member: Oroville Chamber of Commerce

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